50 Million In Funnel Sales With This One Little Twist..

Hi, It’s Tom Bell, and I can now FINALLY share something I’ve been sitting on for over 15 years..

Watch This Short Video To See What All The Fuss Is About!

It’s the “secret sauce” that took me from soaked, broke & pissed off to making 60 million selling Ebooks online! To explain, here’s a little story..

It didn’t matter a damn bit how much hoping I did, not even a little..

Not In The “Nice, I got a 10% Raise, now I can eat out once a week” way, But In The “No Mr. President, I Can’t Make It To Dinner Next Month” way..

Before you ask, It was Bush Jr..


What came next paved the way for me to make over 150 million dollars online, a full 60 of those Millions coming from a SINGLE little piece of marketing technology.
That process went on to become a staple of the communications strategy of almost EVERY billion dollar corporation, and thanks to the passage of time, and a unique series of events,
I am in a position to put it into YOUR hands now. (Without paying a single dime for expensive software, hosting, or even programming)
To help explain exactly what this “secret weapon” is, let’s get back to that rainy day in 1996…

Here’s what happened…

I had been selling my toy helicopters at fairs and festivals all across the country. Putting on a pretty good show and making more money than most of the other vendors..
I had money in my pocket, food on the table, and things were going ok.

I wasn’t desperate, I wasn’t hungry, and nothing was on fire.


What I also wasn’t, was going anywhere I wanted to go with my life.
I had the same old bus I drove around in with my toys, went to the same old places, and did the same old things.
I had an absolute LOCK on the mediocre life I had built.
But that day in Shipshewana Indiana, standing there in the rain, something happened. The type of thing that just might happen for you today..
I made a decision that the mediocre life I was living just wasn’t good enough. Doing “Just Ok” simply wasn’t going to cut it..
Not even close..
I told my neighbors there at the rained out flea market “That’s it, I’m done. I’ll NEVER spend another day living like this, I’m going to start me an internet company and strike it rich.
I packed up my things and left, feeling like a guy that just jumped out of a plane with a couple bedsheets, hoping to build a parachute on the way down..
Better yet, because I had no idea how impossible it was, I sold a LOT of these things.
(For the record, the item was a little 70 cent “cell phone antenna booster” remember those?)

When I say a lot, I mean a BOATLOAD.

Over $600,000 In Just 4 Months!

Anyhow, what happened next is kind of the reason we are here, and I PROMISE there is a point to all this, and I also promise it will be WELL worth your time.

With all those Ebay buyers, I had this notion that selling MORE stuff to them might be valuable, so I found this brand new company back in 96, called Clickbank.
I didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out that pointing hundreds of thousands of “buyer emails” at affiliate offers was a pretty good idea, back then people could send traffic to ANYTHING and make money.